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[this is a game for the i can't draw game jam]

Become the defence attorney you've always wanted to be, all while making bad puns and even worse decisions! What do you expect having an avocado for a head?

inspred by the Ace Attorney series, LawVacado follows the career of fresh boy lawyer, Anderson Vacado, as he tries to defend the inocent under the toughest of conditions!

Team Members:
Colonel Sandwich

Arrow keys - Navigate menus.
Z - Select menu options/Speed up text
X - Move to next dialogue line.
Control - Open Evidence Folder.


LawVacado_Beta_1(DEMO).exe 5 MB

Development log


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Uh... I'm stuck.

Judge Charlmes just looks left and right after asking if the defense is ready. I can't do anything.

A new version has been uploaded. You can download it and try it out.

It's got more of the dialogue in place, but it's still not everything. Also it crashes on the last line. lol xD


this looks amazing

lol, thanks! xb
Everything is really coming together.

(1 edit) (+1)

this looks beautiful

edit: this IS beautiful