Hello everyone!
It's me, Sterling-Thorne  McKay.
And welcome to Tiny Dino. The new virtual pet game that looks like it was made in 1992 for the original GameBoy.

I'd like to thank everyone who chose to Beta test and/or buy the game and support my endeavor of becoming a fulltime game developer. And a special thanks to the few who are helping me with additional sprite work. Without you all, I wouldn't have been able to make it this far, this fast.

With this first public release of Tiny Dino, I must make it clear that some features and locations may not be fully functional, or not in the game quite yet and you might encounter a bug here or there. So if that happens, I've included in the READ ME file, a method of reporting any bugs you run into.

So for now, I'll let you all have fun in the Public Beta of Tiny Dino - Version!

> Sterling-Thorne A. Mckay : Programmer, Artist, Musician.


Tiny Dino(PUBLIC BETA).zip 9 MB
Feb 01, 2018

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