Reconstruction and progress.

Hello again!

I'm proud to announce that Tiny Dino, while still in heavy reconstruction, is getting much closer to a new functionally stable build. Having moved from GameMaker Studio 1 over to GameMaker Studio 2, I unfortunately had to completely rebuild the game from the ground up, but since the last build that is currently available, this new version is more optimized and has faster performance. While I don't have much to show at this moment, I do have this short gif.

The last version of the game built in GMS1, was built largely within a single object with 99% of the game being handled by scripts. And while this may sound like a nifty idea, it lead to a lot of nested scripting and it generally became a big mess of spaghetti code. Which made for one heck of a time trying to find bugs and fix them. I also didn't know much about how to properly load in assets and save data to files, which I now have a much better idea about and will be able to create a much better and faster save/load system that won't put your dino back into an egg when you load your save, nor will it accidentally corrupt the save by crashing the game when trying to load it.

The current version only has up to the title, but I have been working hard at implementing a system for Pet Personalities. These personalities will be somewhat random based on the time of year, time of day, and some environmental values, and will affect what kinds of foods and activities your dino will like or dislike!

Once the reconstruction is complete, I'll release a devlog with a deeper look at how the personality systems work.

Anyway, that's it for today, I hope you all have an amazing week!

And thank you for your continued support!
- Sterling

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